On Assessment

Readiness and Potential Assessment: Unleashing the Talent’s Power

One of the most significant success factors in today’s competitive company landscape is identifying and developing individuals with the fundamental competencies required to manage present and future scenarios.

CM-consulting supports the most dynamic organisations in measuring individual readiness and potential.

The goal is to ensure that essential employees can thrive in jobs that will help the organisation expand.

Readiness” refers to the ability to take on more responsibility in the near future or to play a role in a new environment, such as following a merger or a significant restructuring.

The “potential” assessment predicts the ability to advance to the highest levels of responsibility in the future.

Our assessments are based on both personality traits and behavioural tests, providing an assessee‘s complete picture.

We relay upon HOGAN diagnostics, behavioural interviews, specific scenario trials and role plays and proprietary algorithms and KPIs to assess professionals and managers.

Our methodology is tailored to the assessee’s experience and organisational level, the specific competencies to be tested, and the unique characteristics of the organisation context. In such an in-depth examination, no “standard” procedures or “one size fits all” approaches can be effective.

We put all our passion into supporting companies in developing a solid and competent workforce ready to empower the future through our comprehensive assessments and expert assistance.

At CM-Consulting, we also recognize the significance of evaluating a candidate’s fit with the organisation’s values, culture, and strategic goals. We ensure that individuals are not just ready to execute in a specific capacity but also aligned with the organisation’s vision and mission by including these elements in our assessments.