Cristiana Manara founded
in 2018 her own company
working in People &
Organizational Development
as a Business Consultant,
Senior Facilitator, Trainer
and Individual & Team Coach.


CM-Consulting srl was founded in Italy by Cristiana Manara and focuses mainly on Change Management & Leadership Development, Executive & Team Coaching with a global reach, leveraging on a trusted partner network and on solid, international know-how developed in top ranked international research centers.

At CM-CONSULTING srl we believe that awareness is a prerequisite for prospering in business and we offer support to organizations to analyze and develop potential and skills, to reach a widespread empowerment.


Change management projects, aimed at changing beliefs and behaviours (more than strategies or processes).

Leadership development academies and projects, usually composed of a mix of competences training, project works, face-to-face & skype follow up individual coaching.

Extensive individual and team coaching projects.

Sales force effectiveness and negotiating abilities training and projects.

Assessment & development centers/projects.

Competences training linked to client’s pre-existing or ad hoc designed competences model, including for instance decision making, learning agility, resilience, etc.

Communication and public speaking training and coaching.

Design thinking workshop.

Large workshops/conventions facilitation aimed at engaging people and/or developing specific action plans.


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For any information please contact Marta Marinelli,
Mobile: +39 345 3953985
Email: [email protected]