CM-Consulting was founded in Italy by Cristiana Manara and focuses mainly on Change Management & Leadership Development, Executive & Team Coaching with a global reach, leveraging on a trusted partner network and on solid, international know-how developed in top ranked international research centers.

At CM-Consulting we believe that awareness is a prerequisite for prospering in business and we offer support to organizations to analyze and develop potential and skills, to reach a widespread empowerment.

Senior Consultants and Project Managers working for CM-Consulting share a common mindset and integrated, innovative know how and cover a global presence.

We facilitate managerial and talent development and the cohesion and effectiveness of teams, by designing specific paths tailored on customer needs and for leadership development.

The timely issues in the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) developed by us, mainly concern skills such as learning agility, emotional agility, leader’s brain, well being, neuroscience based rewiring training, leadership agility, remote management, self-management, diversity & inclusion abilities, effective communication, influence & persuasion, decision making, negotiation, conflict management, time management, design thinking, personal branding, coaching abilities.

At CM-Consulting team we share sound, innovative know-how, developed in world-wide best-known research centers and universities like Center for Creative Leadership, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience Academy, Wisconsin University, Harvard University, Stanford University.

Our courses adopt a multidisciplinary approach with the aim to engage the participants from a cognitive and emotional point of view and integrating the learnings so that they become assets of the organization, as well as of individuals.

Our projects adopt blended or completely virtual formulas (virtual classes, virtual coaching & webinars), to guarantee effectiveness, efficiency, speed and adherence even with geographical and time constraints.



Cristiana has been working for more than 25 years in Human Capital & Organizational Effectiveness Consultancy, with deep knowledge of organizations and people, working with industries such as financial institutions, pharma, fashion, fast moving consumer goods, energy, ICT.
She worked for 14 years at The European House Ambrosetti SPA – as a Partner and a shareholder with the role of Head of Change & Readiness practice, managing a large team, dealing with client acquisition and leading complex projects about change management, talent assessment & development, leadership training, executive & team coaching.
Cristiana Manara founded in 2018 her own company CM-CONSULTING, working in People & Organizational Development as a Business Consultant, Senior Facilitator, Trainer and Individual & Team Coach. She often delivers strategic alignment and Team Coaching for Leadership Teams and Executive Committees.
She works in EMEA, designing & delivering projects mainly in English, Italian & French.
With CM-CONSULTING, Cristiana is involving a trusted partner network to cover a global presence.
Cristiana has been a Center for Creative Leadership Senior associate (ccl.org).
Cristiana is an ICF certified PCC coach and she studied at Neuroscience Academy and Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.



Marta Marinelli has a degree in Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication.

She’s focused on cultural differences management, change management and in talent assessment, coaching and development.

Marta is a project manager, designer and facilitator
for CM-CONSULTING in complex projects dealing with cultural change and leadership, communication, coaching and negotiation competences development.

Marta has been trained by the Center for Creative Leadership and she is Hogan certified.
Marta facilitate awareness, insights and development in managers, young talents and teams.
She speaks fluently English and Spanish, and she worked as a tutor by Facultad de Traducciòn e Interpretaciòn, Universidad de Valladolid.

Marta is on her way of becoming a Professional Certified Coach.



Margherita has a degree in Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication.

Margherita Lorusso is a junior project coordinator, designer and co-facilitator for
CM-CONSULTING in complex projects dealing with cultural change and leadership, communication, coaching and negotiation competences development.

She’s focused mainly on project management in change management, talent assessment, training and development projects.

She speaks fluently English, French and Spanish and she also speaks basic Russian.

She is also experienced in customer care roles.



Monica Norrish-Scillieri has 24 years experience in HR Consultancy.
She is a Senior Consultant for CM-CONSULTING for organizational Change Management, Global Leadership and Executive Coaching projects.

Monica is focused on consultancy, training & coaching services based on empowering and developing people with specific knowledge of intercultural challenges, emotional agility,
well-being, neuroscience-based rewiring projects.

She is an Associate professor in MBA programs, teaching “Negotiation and Communication techniques” at the University of Economics in Turin.

She is ICF certified PCC Executive Coach.
She has 2 masters with The Neuroscience Academy and Neuroscience of Change.
She is certified with Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

In 2005 she started her independent Senior Consultant activity working as HR Consultant, trainer and coach based in London, then in the USA and then in India, where she lived for 10 yeas.

Monica has an Educational Science Degree and she speaks two languages fluently being “Half Italian and Half British” by birth.



Franco is a Senior Consultant, an Executive Coach and a facilitator for CM-CONSULTING who brings to the partnership more than twenty years of experience in various corporate roles.

Franco works on organizational change management projects.

Franco specializes in strategic facilitation and team coaching. He designs and delivers change and transition management programs and leadership development initiatives for leadership teams in different organizational contexts.

He works across countries, nationalities and industries both with CM-CONSULTING as well as with the Center for Creative Leadership.



Roberto Garlato has more than 20 years managerial experience in Business and in HR Functions in Financial Institutions.

As a senior strategic consultant, Roberto is one of the CM-CONSULTING associetes, working on Change Management, Global Leadership Human Capital Empowerment, and Executive Coaching projects.

Roberto’s expertise in HR skills is strongly supported by concrete business effectiveness, coming from significant experiences in salesforce management, business development, and trade marketing.

His main passion is supporting individual and organization flourishing and reach maximum potential and business impact.

He is an International Coaching Federation certified coach.

Roberto holds a degree in Business Administration and he is fluent in English.



Riccardo Mereu is Senior Consultant for CM-CONSULTING in organizational change management, leadership & coaching programs.

Riccardo has a sound experience in team management, operations, business process management, business strategy and continuous improvement.

He worked in the tourism industry for 15 years, both in corporate and start-up firms, in multicultural environments and complex businesses in Europe and South East Asia.

Riccardo is passionate about transformation and human potential, personal growth, team development and lean & agile and he is an active supporter of a smart-working culture.

Riccardo has lived for more than 10 years abroad, mainly in Asia.

He is fluent in English and Spanish, he has a degree in Engineering and a Master in International Tourism Management.

Riccardo is certified Green Belt Lean Six Sigma and he is an International Coaching Federation certified coach (PCC).

He is trained at Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.



Paolo is a Senior Consultant, capable in both organizational and interpersonal skills, giving to CM-CONSULTING almost thirty years of experience in international assignments over various industries.

He deals with organizational change management projects matching the task to the individual’s skills.

Paolo specializes in strategic and organizational improvement projects, based on change and transition management programs as well as skills and talent development management.

Paolo supports top teams facilitating strategic plan design and implementation.

As a productivity specialist, Paolo got the certification of Master Productivity Specialist of the International Association of Productivity Specialists.

Paolo fully completed the Skills Assessor Training Program and has been involved in hundreds of individual assessments.



Matteo Villa is a Senior Consultant for CM-CONSULTING srl for organizational change management, leadership, lean management and design thinking programs.

Matteo has experience in change management and digital transformation, workplace transformation, corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, sales effectiveness and design thinking.

He worked for POLITECNICO (MIP) and ZAMBON, focusing mainly on Learning & Development and Training.

Matteo is an entrepreneur in the fields of sustainability and social impact and he is also mentor for start-ups.

He is a facilitator and Design Thinking Practitioner and he is certified in Design Thinking at Stanford.

His working languages are Italian and English.

Matteo has a degree in Contemporary History and Political Science and a master in Strategic HR Management & Business Leader.



Simona Controzzi is a Psycologyst & an independent contractor contributing with CM-CONSULTING in projects when her expertise adds value to the team, specifically for assessment, training and coaching for organizational change management, leadership development and individual and team coaching projects.

Simona has been working for more than 20 years in Human Capital & Organizational Effectiveness (Change Management, Leadership Development, Assessment, Executive & Team Coaching)

For 19 years Simona has been Head of Assessment & Development Practice for The European House – Ambrosetti SPA – first think tank in Italy.

Simona holds a degree in Psycology at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan and a Master in Business Administration at Alma Gradued School, Bologna

She is SCOA Certified Coach (Team Coaching – Management Constellation) and an International Coaching Federation certified coach (PCC).



Bettina Hirth is an independent contractor contributing with CM-CONSULTING in international projects when her expertise adds value to the team, specifically for assessment and coaching.

She’s a psychologist and has lived in Italy for more than 20 years, offering intercultural savvy and the ability to work interacting fluently in German, English, Italian and Spanish.

She works with CM-CONSULTING for organizational change management, Leadership competences training & development and coaching and assessment projects.

She spent half of her 20+ years of career as an international leadership consultant and half in global organizations covering various leadership roles in the area of Talent & Development.

Bettina has a degree in Organisational Psychology, Padua University (Italy). She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of International Coaching Federation (ICF) and she is certified in many diagnostic tools and personality questionnaires such as HOGAN.


What we stand for

At CM-Consulting we believe that change, development and empowerment can be reached through a balanced process mixing awareness, challenge & coaching.

  • (Self) Awareness is a requisite to thrive in business, so we support companies (and people) analyze in depth their self-awareness, leveraging on highly-qualified capabilities in using various assessment tools and processes
  • Challenge is essential to shake assumptions and explore flexibility in order to change beliefs and develop new competences, leaving behind what isn’t useful anymore
  • Coaching is crucial to offer support, self-reflection and insights in order to think systemically and reorganize and integrate new set of beliefs and competences