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Due to recent impactful changes in our everyday business life, we are nowadays focused on designing and delivering mainly consultancy services provided virtually: virtual classes, team coaching, webinars and executive coaching.
Every service we used to offer in blended formula can now be delivered totally virtually with all available software platforms.

We mainly provide:

  • Change management projects, aimed at changing beliefs and behaviours (more than strategies or processes).
  • Leadership development academies and projects, usually composed of a mix of competences training, project works, face-to-face & virtual training & individual/team coaching.
  • Extensive executive and team coaching projects. Our projects are nowadays run completely virtually relying upon all platforms.
  • Competences training linked to client’s pre-existing or ad hoc designed competences model.
    Focus on Learning Agility, Emotional Agility, Leader’s Brain, Well Being, Leadership Agility, Decision Making, Resilience, Negotiation, Diversity & Inclusion etc.
  • Sales force effectiveness and negotiating abilities training and projects.
  • Assessment & development centers/projects.
  • Communication and public speaking training and coaching.
  • Workshops aimed at engaging people and/or developing specific action plans.
  • Design thinking workshop.

Quality delivered

We foster talent development and team cohesiveness by designing bespoke experiential programs, tailored on leadership development. Such programs adopt a fully multi-disciplinary approach aiming at engaging participants from a cognitive, experiential and emotional standpoint.

Our development path design & delivery effectiveness rely upon:

  • Today trends in market, business, needed competences and innovation knowledge
  • Updated and innovative know how, research based, gathered through scouting, networking and strong partnership worldwide
  • Content design based on specific and business relevant goals identified together with the client
  • Strong link between individual and team development and business needs
  • Multicultural & intercultural DNA, sensitiveness and organizational experience
  • Delivery excellence offered by senior, experienced, certified, referenced consultants
  • Neuroscience based training and coaching

Our workshops and our training academies combine team building, engagement activities, experiential learning, design thinking and business action plans design in order to effectively facilitate company full potential expression.

Our coaching rely upon strong diagnosis and passionate dedication to facilitate timely empowerment.